Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Moment of Destiny

The moment has arrived. The decision has been made. The wheels are in motion. There has been a release of the sequence of events that were necessary so that the will of God could be fulfilled in our lives and this ministry.

In two days, my employment with the state of Pennsylvania will come to an end. After nine years of working, training, relationship building, and seizing on-the-job ministry opportunities, I will step away from a major source of income and support. It was not just the support of our family, but also very key for the financial base of the ministry itself.

God has been accelerating our progress since June of 2014, when he connected us with other prayer warriors in this region to host a prayer conference. In September of 2014, God sent some very powerful prophetic promises about the next phase of our ministry, through Abby Abildness (Healing Tree International) during our 10th anniversary celebration. That was followed by a spontaneous outbreak of prayer and prophecies by the elders and leaders in our home church (Metro Christian Worship Center) during our visit to St. Louis in October. Next, the Lord gave us a prophetic exhortation through another area leader, Pastor Paul Lebo in December.

Since the start of the New Year, Pastor Carol has been reading through all of our devotional books and rediscovering prophetic promises that we have received over the last 10 years. Then we were given a posh resort get-away weekend in February, which spoke to us that God was going to take care of us in some very surprising and lavish ways. Finally, just two weeks ago, some visitors from Pittsburgh and Israel, declared prophetic promises over us that were so overwhelming that I found myself on my knees weeping with Carol standing next to me travailing in the Spirit. Little did we know that all of these prophetic events were part of a sequence of events that would eventually lead up to this moment.

In two days, I will be unemployed, from the world's perspective, and totally employed by our Father God (from His Kingdom perspective).  We have deadlines to meet and no way to meet them unless the Lord fulfills His promises to us. We are not in fear. There is no panic. I will step away from this job on March 27, 2015. Here's an interesting coincidence: Exactly ten years ago (March 27, 2005), we held our first Sunday Service in Harrisburg, PA. Ten years ago, to the day, we publically revealed God's vision and mission for us in this community.

On that day, ten years ago, I didn’t know that we were about to enter our wilderness journey. I didn’t know that I was going to be in great internal turmoil because our lives and the ministry were about to fall apart. I didn't know that most of the church congregation was going to leave while we faced deadlines and bills with no way to meet or pay them. But, God came through with water out of a rock and manna from heaven by the helping hands of family and friends. Then HE opened a door for state employment for Carol and me. He has guided us through a very difficult wilderness season that lasted ten years.

Today, we stand on the brink of the Jordan River, like the Children of Israel at the end of their wilderness journey. We’re coming out of wilderness living and moving into the Land of Promise. The stage is set. The moment has come. We cannot and will not retreat. We cannot and will not quit. It’s time to move on from the wilderness. It’s time to advance into the moment of destiny.

God’s hand is in this. I will leave the state's job on Friday, and our first ministry invitation is already set. Carol and I will be ministering in Mechanicsburg, PA on Sunday night. The WAY is already opening up before us.

We thank you for your prayers, and we only ask that your prayers be prayers of faith.

The prayer of faith goes something like this:

Father God, we thank you for doing what you promised to do! We refuse to bow to the threats of the enemy. You will not let the plot of the enemy be exalted. You will not let his threats come to pass. We step forward and move out as your servants. We are overcomers! We are under orders! Have your way in our lives, our family and in this ministry. We covenant to always give YOU the glory and honor.

Let it be so…. Amen!