Friday, October 6, 2017

Chris and Carol Green Launch Leadership Learning Community

Pennsylvania, USA - Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green, hosted a leadership summit to officially launch Fruitful Life Learning Community as the educational, inspirational and spiritual hub of an alliance and network of home groups, outreach organizations, and community leaders.

In an evening highlighted by personal testimonials, professional endorsements and "flash-back" video clips that documented the special moments that led up to this historical opening, leaders from various sectors of the south central Pennsylvania region joined together to lend their support of the Green's vision of equipping leaders.

"We intentionally did not advertise this event," the Greens told their audience. "We're not trying to gather a big crowd. We don't need the unnecessary battles that come with notoriety, fame and curiosity seekers. We're trying to connect with like-minded people."

They likened their summits to the gathering of school district superintendents, stating how a meeting might consist of only a few individuals, but those individuals can represent hundreds and thousands of people including principals, teachers, students and parents.

"When we hold leadership summits and leadership training, a group of 10 or 12 leaders can easily represent hundreds and thousands of people that they will impact through the training that we are going to be providing for them."

Coach Carol Green reveals, "This unique Community will resource, equip and empower leaders and heads of households to facilitate healing within their own hearts and homes and then extend their extraordinary transformation to their neighborhood and community."

The Learning Community includes an innovative strategy of training and appointing Community Care, Ready-Responders and certifying Community Life Coaches, who are creative, compassionate, and capable of guiding hurting souls past their poverty and pain to their divine purpose.

"As a community-supporting faith family, Fruitful Life is patterned after the 1st-century Followers of Christ, who continued steadfast in the Apostle's teaching and fellowship, in Breaking of Bread, and in Prayers," explains Coach Chris Green; "They met in small groups within their homes and they also gathered as a community in a more sacred setting as well. They were especially known for taking care of the neighborhood's widows and orphans, while experiencing miracles, signs and wonders."
Before there was a religion called Christianity, there was a movement known as THE WAY.  Chris and Carol Green launched the Fruitful Life Learning Community to help people of faith and Christian leaders return to that simple mission and lifestyle that demonstrates God's love and healing to hearts and homes.

Special Note - Additional Media

John and Kerry Shuey endorse the Fruitful Life Network with high recommendations for community leaders, organizations, churches and businesses to consider investing in their leaders and teams by utilizing the people-building training and certifications that are available through Chris and Carol Green.

Denise Britton endorses the Fruitful Life Network with high recommendations for community leaders, organizations, churches and businesses to consider investing in their leaders and teams by utilizing the people-building training and certifications that are available through Chris and Carol Green.

Fruitful Life board member, Traci Carter-Burker, endorses Chris and Carol Green with high recommendations for leaders, organizations, churches and businesses to consider the people-building training and certifications that are available through the Fruitful Life Learning Community.

Dr. Joe Green endorses the Fruitful Life Network with high recommendations for community leaders, organizations, churches and businesses to consider family and spiritual life coaching that is available through Chris and Carol Green.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Five Kinds of People That Come Into Your Space As You Journey Through Life

Christopher G. Green

Best-Practice Principles

One of my spiritual daughters called and asked for some advice. I had just written these thoughts earlier that day, so I was able to share what had just come to my heart. I'll share with you what I gave to her.

There are at least five kinds of people that will come along as you journey through life and the fulfillment of your part God's dream for all of mankind.

You will encounter the:

1. Curious – They just observe you and watch you. They may hang around for a couple of weeks or even months, but they eventually move on once they discover that you are not going to allow them to drain you. Others leave when they realize you have nothing that they want or need anymore.

2. Critics – After observing you, they begin to make assessments and evaluations based upon their own standards or personal preferences. They are usually comparing you to a person they know, to a person they would like to be, or to the mythical person that no one can be. They are not the same as  a close friend who will tell you the truth about yourself or give you constructive criticism. The negative energy that the “Critics” bring into your space can be so strong that you can begin to doubt yourself.  Every time they are around, you feel you should check yourself in the mirror to see if there’s something stuck in your teeth or hanging from your nose. You always feel self conscious around them and not self confident. If you wait for them to leave your space, they never will.  You have to politely clear them out of your path.

3. Crazies – They are consumers and never producers. They are the pretenders and the time wasters (blood suckers and leeches), who do nothing more than collect from you and never contribute to you. They bring confusion and drama. They seek attention and demand being the star on the stage of your life. Their behavior is often bizarre with no obvious rhyme or reason for being in your space, other than the fact that they are miserable and misery loves company.

4. Close, but not quite right -  They may seem to be close to you, but you know in your heart of hearts, that there's no real connection. They may be interested in what you do (and what you can do for them), but not in you. They seem to be in full support of your dream, but proceed cautiously because they will never fully support you.  You will be great for them, but don't expect them to be great for you. You will definitely help them in their journey, but the contributions they will make to your journey will be primarily in the area of lessons learned from having these type of people in your life. 

This relationship is neither good or bad, positive or negative. It is what it is. It can start great, but end here. Most of us have been these type of people in someone's journey at some point. We needed more help than we could offer to them. Most of the Close-But-Not Quite-Right people don’t know this about themselves.  However, you will realize it when you begin to withdraw from one another, the more you realize you're not in agreement with one another.  Even though they are in your space, you will eventually see that you're not quite right for one another, nor for where you are all going. 

5. Commissioned – They are ones that were sent by God to YOU. They will be committed to you, complementary to you (not competing with you), and feel connected to you. They will use their creativity, competencies, and compassion to benefit you and your journey. The best part is that you will discover that you are a good fit in their life as well.  Your creativity, competencies, and compassion will be beneficial to them and their journey.  You were sent by God to connect with them in the same way. They may not be with you for very long, but when you part ways, you will both be better off, for having been in one another's lives.

With love from Dad........

Chris Green is a Certified Professional Life Coach. Learn more about him, his wife, Carol, and their work at

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Going Back Home!

Chris and Carol Green


 A couple of days ago, Carol and I had the most profound conversation in our relationship, since the time we made a pact that saved our 6-month old marriage. It was all about going back to just being ourselves and getting out of the maddening quest for significance. 

When you know that you have a purpose in life, it’s very easy to start down the path where you try to build a platform from which you can successfully reach out to help people. But after several failures and finding ourselves facing, yet, another critical moment of decision, we needed another one of our heart to heart moments to talk through what must happen in order for us to continue working and serving in this region.

I had just wrestled all night in prayer and my plea went something like this: 

“God, I ‘m still struggling with all the Charismatic, Evangelical and Faith teaching that has reduced You to a formula. I’m supposed to speak certain words, take a certain position, quote the right scriptures, face the right direction, tilt my head the right way, block the wrong thoughts, allow the right thoughts, loose this, bind that, and follow a laundry list of steps, decrees and declarations. To be honest, I can’t do it any more!  In fact, I don’t get it!  Since You’re my dad, why am I going through all these steps?  I’m an earthly father and I don’t require my sons to jump through hoops to get me to help them.  The truth is, they barely have to ask because I’m their dad and I want to be there for them.  I want to bless them.  I want to do all I can for them.  And it’s all because of my unique relationship with each one of them.  I thought this was how it was supposed to be in my relationship with You. It’s not supposed to be about pushing the right buttons and quoting the right phrases. You’re my Father, not a formula!”

This prayer was still in my heart the next morning when Carol and I sat down together to talk about what we needed to do next in Harrisburg, PA.  Imagine my surprise when my wife revealed that she had had a dream the same night I was crying out to God.  She said:

“I dreamed that we (including all of our sons) were caught in  a major snowstorm while driving in our SUV.   We got stuck. We could not move. It was snowing so heavily that I got out to clear off the front windshield. I realized the snow was up to my knees and started to get back in the SUV, but decided to clear the back window off as well. When I finished, I got back in the SUV, but Chris, instead of moving forward, started backing up. I asked him what was he doing?  When he backed up to the adjacent street, suddenly it was spring. He had backed up into a beautiful sunny day with all the trees blooming and green.”

Of course we were wondering what was the significance of going backwards into a spring season. Did it mean going back to work on regular jobs? Did it mean going back to Missouri? Did it mean going back to our roles as pastors? As we talked about what I had prayed about, we realized Carol’s dream was about US going back to that which was our foundation when we first moved to Pennsylvania in 2004. Everything we did and said was always about our relationship with one another and our relationship with God.  So we stopped in that moment, held hands, and prayed. We pledged to God that we would GO BACK home.

Shortly after that conversation, I came across a photo from our home city of St. Louis, MO. That photo was a reminder of who WE are as well as, where we come from.  It was a reminder that our value and worth is not in any titles or accomplishments. We have received many awards, honors and acknowledgements, and over the years, it became easier to identify ourselves with those things. We fell into a trap. It was the trap where you lose your identity in your effort to fulfill a destiny.

We have had a fresh revelation that we are simply a couple from St. Louis, MO that moved to Harrisburg, PA to rebuild, restore and renew hearts and homes. We were not sent to build a platform based on personal successes, religious qualifications, impressive titles, or jaw-dropping academic accomplishments.  Our only platform is our relationship with each other, our family, and with God.  If that is not enough, then nothing else will be.......

All that matters is that we have a genuine relationship with God; that we have a solid relationship with each other; that we have strong relationships with our children; and that we have loving relationship with our family and dearest friends. From all of these relationships, we were given an assignment.

We are simply a husband and wife, dad and mom, son and daughter, uncle and aunt, nephew and niece, brother and sister, cousins, and now grand parents.... who are out in the community trying to share with others, out of the bounty and beauty, from which we have lived.

This photo reminded us of where we come from; who we come from; and why we are here in south central, Pennsylvania.

So when we say that we're going back home, we don't mean we're physically moving back to St. Louis, MO.  We mean, we're going back to who we were, before and beyond the "Calling", the "Ministry", the titles, and the accolades.

No more fighting and struggling to prove ourselves. No more striving to get God to bless what we’re doing. No more struggling to convince anyone or even ourselves, that we are legit. 

We're going back home to Chris and Carol.

Chris: "Hi Carol! I'm your husband Chris. I've been gone for a few years, searching for the stuff that is supposed to give me significance and qualify me to speak or bring a healing message to a city or community. But I realize, all I really needed was God, YOU, our children, and all the relationships that are part of who I am today. I'm back, and it's good to be home."

Carol: "Hi Chris! I'm glad to have my husband back. I also realize that all I needed to take on this family-healing assignment was God, YOU, our children, and all the relationships that are part of who I am today. I'm here with you, and it's good to be home, together."

Friday, April 21, 2017

Chris and Carol Green Receive United Way 2017 Volunteer of the Year Nomination

Pennsylvania, USA ----In an award ceremony held in Harrisburg on Thursday evening, April 20, 2017, Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green, received one of United Way's 2017 Volunteer of the Year Nominations for their work and services in the Shalom House Women's Shelter.

“When I first met Chris and Carol and learned of the work that they do, I knew they could have a significant positive impact on the lives of the residents we serve at Shalom House, “says Executive Director of the shelter, Denise Britton.

“Without hesitation, they jumped in to begin engaging the residents and furthering the potential of turning an experience of homelessness and often hopelessness into hope and possibility. Further, they committed to helping us raise the bar of effectiveness for our staff, offering their coaching expertise (and encouragement) in regular staff training sessions. Our gratitude is unending.”

A little over one year ago, the Greens were merged into the Shelter's calendar to provide life coaching support for both the staff and residents of this special outreach situated in one of the City of Harrisburg’s high-crime neighborhoods.

"We're honored to be named among so many great people." said the nominees following the event. "We learned of many others who are donating hundreds of hours per year to worthy causes in the community. It's humbling to be mentioned among them."

Chris and Carol Green became part of the Shelter’s strategy to transition the residents out the shelter and back into everyday life. Their coaching tools proved to be vital in enhancing the resident’s life coping skills; enabling them to take confident steps toward rebuilding their families and recapturing their lives.

Chris and Carol Green are certified master life coaches, urban family advocates, marriage and family advisers, and community leadership consultants. This couple created and implemented a proven coaching model that empowers people to push past the temptations to give up, and instead, make intentional, thoughtful and positive responses in spite of the devastation and obstacles in life.

For their community service, they received a United Way 2017 Volunteer of the Year Nomination. They received Urban Leadership Awards (2016) and Community Ambassador Awards (2015) from iChange Nations™ and were appointed Goodwill Ambassadors of World Peace, as part of an interfaith peace-building initiative to the United Nations, by Golden Rule International.

World Peace Ambassador, Dr. Clyde Rivers, calls them leading skilled experts in rebuilding, restoring and renewing hearts and homes; and innovators and pioneers in the empowering and equipping of today's community care, ready responders.

Chris Green is a social media veteran and an award-winning  producer of a local cable TV broadcast (1999).  Together, they are international columnists/ writers with the Global Journalism Award-winning team of Dr. Clyde Rivers and iChange Nations Social Media News™.  They are the authors of 14 inspirational and life-building books, creators and principal writers of several blogs and eNewsletters.  They are also accomplished songwriters, having penned and produced over 150 songs since 1992.

They are both licensed and ordained ministers with honorary doctorate degrees in Christian Leadership (Chris) and in Humanities (Carol), conferred upon them in acknowledgment of 11+ years of building and implementing a new urban outreach model that combined Participatory Teaching methods with evidence-based principles of Life Coaching, to produce an effective, quantifiably successful, and family-impacting ministry in south central Pennsylvania.

They are currently based in south central Pennsylvania where they established a community outreach that focuses on hearts and households, along with several life coaching and community spiritual care initiatives through their non-profit organization, Fruitful Life Network, Inc.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Pennsylvania, USA - Today, Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green, introduced their new Fruitful Life Coaching Matrix to human service providers, during a monthly staff training hosted by the Shalom House Women's Shelter in Harrisburg, PA. This new coaching matrix shows human service organizations how to adopt life coaching skill-sets within a case management paradigm.

The innovation came through a year-long series of monthly training sessions with the staff of a local women's shelter, and culminated in the presentation of a strategy the shelter could implement to ensure that every employee or volunteer is introduced to a Golden-Rule-based approach in their daily service to their clients and residents.

"We have been strategically introducing the staff to Golden Rule values and core beliefs," explains Coach Carol Green, "Then we took them through personality assessments and self-awareness exercises, which proved to be necessary to get the needed buy-in for changing the way one has been doing things.  It is a huge challenge to get people, who have been involved in human services for many years, to adopt a life coaching approach within a traditional case management system."

The Greens have learned that organizations and agencies across the United States are recognizing the need to change and improve their training in helping their workers make a better connection with their clients. However, many case workers are still struggling with their own personal demons and inner barriers, which come rushing to the surface when they reach moments of frustrations with difficult clients.

"The Fruitful Life Coaching Matrix provides a practical way for a human service organization to ensure that their staff is empowered and equipped beyond the regular job-skills matrix," adds Coach Chris Green. "The typical job-skill matrix is a checkbox that indicates how well the staffer can do her job. The Fruitful Life Coaching Matrix is all about ensuring that you have a healthy healer, who is more than just an employee who can handle her case management load."

As the world's leading producers of CARE-Ready Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green teach and train community, government and education leaders, human service organizers, business visionaries, and neighborhood dreamers how to be much more effective by embracing the principles of CARE (Compassionate Awareness with Respect and Empathy) in their professional and personal lives. They LISTEN to people,  LIFT people and LAUNCH people. Then they equip and empower them to do the same for others.

Many coaching, mentoring and community outreach programs employ what is known as a "deficit model" of working with people. That's where you focus on the problems (deficits) of a person, and then apply a set of pre-determined, cookie cutter steps and treatments to address their issues. The deficit-based model is what many professionals and well meaning Helpers use, but it rarely works long-term, leaving Helpers wondering why their clients fail to break the cycles of addiction and recidivism.

However, CARE-Ready Life Coaching mirrors the principles found in the proven, evidence-based strategies of Strength-based, Solution-focused practices.  CARE-Ready life coaches are trained to connect with people in order to build a relationship/ partnership that empowers the client; thus allowing the client to discover the solutions that will work best for them.

Also, while many coaching programs focus on how to target potential high-paying affluent clients, and high-paying speaking opportunities, we train, equip and empower Care-Ready Responders and Coaches, who are willing to take on the most often overlooked people of society; those who live in under-served communities and can least afford, but benefit the most from professional guidance.

If you want to be trained and empowered to coach or mentor with a purpose that's greater than yourself, explore the possibilities at


Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Moment of Destiny

The moment has arrived. The decision has been made. The wheels are in motion. There has been a release of the sequence of events that were necessary so that the will of God could be fulfilled in our lives and this ministry.

In two days, my employment with the state of Pennsylvania will come to an end. After nine years of working, training, relationship building, and seizing on-the-job ministry opportunities, I will step away from a major source of income and support. It was not just the support of our family, but also very key for the financial base of the ministry itself.

God has been accelerating our progress since June of 2014, when he connected us with other prayer warriors in this region to host a prayer conference. In September of 2014, God sent some very powerful prophetic promises about the next phase of our ministry, through Abby Abildness (Healing Tree International) during our 10th anniversary celebration. That was followed by a spontaneous outbreak of prayer and prophecies by the elders and leaders in our home church (Metro Christian Worship Center) during our visit to St. Louis in October. Next, the Lord gave us a prophetic exhortation through another area leader, Pastor Paul Lebo in December.

Since the start of the New Year, Pastor Carol has been reading through all of our devotional books and rediscovering prophetic promises that we have received over the last 10 years. Then we were given a posh resort get-away weekend in February, which spoke to us that God was going to take care of us in some very surprising and lavish ways. Finally, just two weeks ago, some visitors from Pittsburgh and Israel, declared prophetic promises over us that were so overwhelming that I found myself on my knees weeping with Carol standing next to me travailing in the Spirit. Little did we know that all of these prophetic events were part of a sequence of events that would eventually lead up to this moment.

In two days, I will be unemployed, from the world's perspective, and totally employed by our Father God (from His Kingdom perspective).  We have deadlines to meet and no way to meet them unless the Lord fulfills His promises to us. We are not in fear. There is no panic. I will step away from this job on March 27, 2015. Here's an interesting coincidence: Exactly ten years ago (March 27, 2005), we held our first Sunday Service in Harrisburg, PA. Ten years ago, to the day, we publically revealed God's vision and mission for us in this community.

On that day, ten years ago, I didn’t know that we were about to enter our wilderness journey. I didn’t know that I was going to be in great internal turmoil because our lives and the ministry were about to fall apart. I didn't know that most of the church congregation was going to leave while we faced deadlines and bills with no way to meet or pay them. But, God came through with water out of a rock and manna from heaven by the helping hands of family and friends. Then HE opened a door for state employment for Carol and me. He has guided us through a very difficult wilderness season that lasted ten years.

Today, we stand on the brink of the Jordan River, like the Children of Israel at the end of their wilderness journey. We’re coming out of wilderness living and moving into the Land of Promise. The stage is set. The moment has come. We cannot and will not retreat. We cannot and will not quit. It’s time to move on from the wilderness. It’s time to advance into the moment of destiny.

God’s hand is in this. I will leave the state's job on Friday, and our first ministry invitation is already set. Carol and I will be ministering in Mechanicsburg, PA on Sunday night. The WAY is already opening up before us.

We thank you for your prayers, and we only ask that your prayers be prayers of faith.

The prayer of faith goes something like this:

Father God, we thank you for doing what you promised to do! We refuse to bow to the threats of the enemy. You will not let the plot of the enemy be exalted. You will not let his threats come to pass. We step forward and move out as your servants. We are overcomers! We are under orders! Have your way in our lives, our family and in this ministry. We covenant to always give YOU the glory and honor.

Let it be so…. Amen!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Wake Up!



Have you ever heard of normalcy bias, or normality bias? This refers to a mental state people enter when facing a disaster. It causes people to enter a state of denial or to underestimate both the possibility of something bad occurring, and its possible effects. This may results in situations where people fail to adequately prepare for what is coming. 

The assumption that people make when they are suffering from normalcy bias is that since a disaster has never occurred, then it will never occur. It can result in the inability of people to cope with a disaster once it occurs. People with a normalcy bias tend to interpret warnings in the most optimistic way possible.

In the case of many American Christians, they turn to every positive Bible scripture they can find or they constantly watch positive messages on Christian TV, to try not to think about what is coming. This is because people with normalcy bias have difficulties accepting or reacting to something they have not experienced before. The fear literally impairs their reasoning. They would rather act like they can't see it, can't hear it, or they never talk about it.

They respond to God's warnings the same way Israel responded to the prophet Jeremiah.  

In an online article titled WARNINGS IGNORED, posted in the fall of 2002, the author Douglas Winnail wrote about the way American Christians fail to heed prophetic warnings. 

He wrote: The Christian world is selective about what it believes from the Bible. Scripture states that "God is love" (1 John 4:8) and that a loving God sent His Son to die for the sins of the world (John 3:16). Jesus taught that we should love God, our neighbors and even our enemies. (Matthew 5:44; 22:36–40). For centuries these noble teachings have been embraced.

However, this same God also sent prophets to warn His chosen people and the world that serious consequences would result if His instructions were ignored and His laws were violated (see Deuteronomy 28). This crucial aspect of biblical teaching has never been popular. 

Sadly, most of the warnings God sent through His prophets went unheeded—and millions suffered terrible consequences as a result. Our modern world would be wise to heed the biblical prophets, because their warnings ultimately focus on the end of the age—the times in which we are living. 

Winnail goes on to say: God blessed the Israelites and gave them His laws so they could be an example to the world (Deuteronomy 4:1–8). However, the rebellious, independent-minded Israelites forgot God, violated His laws and followed other religions (Jeremiah 7:22–26). 

Out of concern for His chosen people, God sent a series of prophets to warn them that unless they changed their ways they would reap severe penalties, including disastrous defeats and foreign captivity. God's prophets were instructed to: "Cry aloud… tell My people their transgressions, and the house of Israel their sins" (Isaiah 58:1).

Instead of heeding God's warnings, the Israelites ignored, mocked, persecuted and even murdered God's prophets. 

Isaiah was told: "Do not prophesy to us right things [uncomfortable truths]; speak to us smooth things" (Isaiah 30:10)—and he was later cut in half by his own countrymen. 

Jeremiah was threatened: "Do not prophesy in the name of the Lord, lest you die by our hand." (Jeremiah 11:21). He was thrown into a dungeon several times by his own people (Jeremiah 37:14–16; 38:6). 

As a result of violating God's laws and despising His prophets, the nations of Israel and Judah lost God's protection, were conquered by their enemies, and were carried into captivity to Assyria and Babylon. They paid a heavy price for failing to heed the warnings from God.

We realize the opposite of normalcy bias would be overreaction, or "worst-case thinking" bias. People who are like this have a tendency to take every tiny negative thing they see or hear as an impending catastrophe.

So we want to bring some balance and truth to you today.

For several years, America has been racing toward destruction like a blindfolded race-car driver, streaking down the track at 200 miles-per-hour. We have outlawed prayer in schools; approved the killing of the unborn (resulting in abortions at a rate of over 3,000 per day); promoted greed, violence and explicit sexual acts on television 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; we punish good people while blessing the evil ones; we approved all manner of perversion; snatched away the basic rights of citizens; and make every effort to crush the knowledge of God and the Bible.

For years we have talked about perilous times (not necessarily end times) and learning to recognize the seasons we are in. While most of the Christian TV ministers continue to prophesy about a beautiful future for everyone, our politicians and government officials continue to lie to the public, even as they abandon the ship by getting on their secret financial life-boats because they know that America has hit an iceberg and the Titanic (our country) is sinking fast.

When this happened to Germany in 1923, that nation collapsed into poverty beyond belief. When it happened to Great Britain in the 1970’s they collapsed into poverty, crime, riots, protest, etc. That’s what has happened in recent years to Greece and many other nations that we see in the news, but the American media does not explain why these people are rioting and protesting in the streets. That’s because our media is feeding our normalcy bias. 

Matthew 24: 21-22 reads: For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.

Verses 32-33 reads: Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door. 

What do I mean when I talk about America's collapse? From a financial standpoint: I mean your job would end because your company would fold. Your money would be gone because the banks would close. Your debit card would no longer work and your credit card would be useless. Your savings or retirement would vanish overnight. Your social security checks, pension checks, and pay checks would stop, and any money that you had in your bank at the time of the collapse would disappear. Whatever amount of gas you had in your car would be all you would have left. Whatever amount of food was in your home would be all you would have left. There would be riots, as people would storm through grocery stores and department stores for food and supplies. 

This is not make believe! That's exactly what happened when Hurricane Katrina hit Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana back in August of 2005. They had been warned and warned, but the people and the government were stuck in their normalcy bias. In the end, hundreds of people died and the city of New Orleans was in absolute chaos. 

From a political and governmental standpoint: We could see a completely different governmental power come into reality. It could be a Communist take over or even an Islamic-dominated political system, imposing Sharia Law at local levels of government. And please know that the transition of power would be by means of a bloody, brutal, civil and national war.

Chris and Carol, you’re scaring me! How could this possibly happen? We’re not trying to scare you. We’re trying to shake you out of your normalcy bias. Just watch the tension build up in our country over the next four or five years. These are not only possibilities, but they are inevitable outcomes…UNLESS… unless the Church in America turns back to God. So what's the proper response? 

...if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. ---2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV) 

Get your heart and soul away from depending on your job, making money and pursuing the American dream. That's all dead and gone now. That pursuit is officially over. Now it's time to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. It's time to seek God like never before!  

Christopher G. Green

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Return to Civility: A New Commandment


Christopher Green (D.Hon.Causa)


It seems bullying is the way to get things done in the world today.

We condemn the kids who are harassing, tormenting, and beating up other kids who are different, and not of the same or accepted beliefs, preferences, orientations, politics, religion, etc.

But then, we (the adults and leaders) have the audacity to feel justified in doing the same thing (bullying) to anyone who does not agree with our views.  We go out of our way to destroy their business, livelihood, reputations and families.  We call for boycotts, resignations, and firings, as we resort to physical and social media mob violence in the process.  We don’t check facts or seek to understand anything.  We thrive on hear-say, speculation, fake news and gossip.  Things are so bad now that anyone who tries to bring healing and unity is seen as a traitor, collaborator, and sell out.

We have redefined the terms, changed the definitions, and raised a generation that actually believes that anyone who disagrees with them really hates them.  Anyone who critiques them is critical of them.  Anyone who tries to correct them is someone who is trying to destroy them.  Anyone who differs from them is a threat that needs to be eliminated from the surface of the planet.

There is no more civility that simply agrees to disagree and just move on.

There yet remains a very simple solution that has historically crossed the boundaries and lines of race, religion, politics and economics. You find it in the words of Christ who said: "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another the way I have loved you."

I still have hope that we will find a way to return to civility in our revolution to a new world. If not, we will merely step back in time, to eras of barbaric domination of one human being over another.  If that is what we choose over the next four years, we will have only returned to square one and realize that we have made no progress at all.