Monday, December 27, 2021

UGCSI Chancellors and Professors, Contributing Authors in New International Best Seller

UGCSI's Chancellor, Vice-Chancellors and Professors teamed up with other renowned global leaders as contributing authors, in the new international best-selling book, ROYALTY THAT VALUES ALL : A FORCE FOR CIVILITY. 

This book and its primary author and newly appointed UGCSI professor, Dr. Psalm Ebube, presents THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF HRH KING, DR. Clyde Rivers, King of Development for the African Country of Ghana.

Each contributing author and leader, from around the world, shared their thoughts and imprints in this book that also describes Sir Clyde River's life journey with people, his mentorship, leadership, and royal influence in over 125 nations.

Already the book has hit #49 in the category of International Best Sellers: Best Biographies of Educators; 

It's #3 in the Best Selling New & Future Releases in Biographies of Educators;

It's #10  in the Best Selling New & Future Releases in Biographies of Royalty; and it's #10 in Educator Biographies.

HRH King Dr. Clyde Rivers is one of the world's most revered and popular civility leaders and public figures. He is a man synonymous with the golden rule of philosophy. Today, he is seen and highly celebrated as a symbol of world civility, an ambassador for civil rights, and a heroic mentor whose influence and image of moral integrity and leadership values extend far beyond his country of residence. 

This iconic man has influenced thousands of high-profile personnel, and his impact on the global system is what the system cannot forget. He is the pioneer of  Honor for Africa. He is unique. His humility is almost unbelievable. His wisdom and intellect has made him stand out. There is none other like King Dr. Clyde Rivers. 

His journey led to his enthronement as the 'Development King at Large' for the Ekumfi Kuotukwa Kingdom in Ghana, Africa, a kingdom that was established in the year 1348. His official throne name is King Okogyeman Kobina Amissah I. 

"This has truly been a life-changing experience," says Dr. Psalm who coordinated the efforts of all of the contributing authors who have had personal encounters with HRH, Clyde Rivers. "Each author brought a fresh and first-hand perspective to this landmark publication. They vividly convey both the pains and the inspiration that have characterized the life of this legendary and remarkable world civility leader."

This book gives the reader an overview of the global reach of I Change Nations™ and the influence of its Founder and President, King Dr. Clyde Rivers, who's reaching the world with the message of the Golden Rule, Civility for All , People Treatment, Honor, and Civil Discourse.

Friday, November 12, 2021

UGCSI Vice Chancellor Offers Searcherdemic Mobility Paradigm™ Wisdom for Leaders' Process of Success


Vice Chancellor, Prof. Chris Green

You have a world-changing idea, business, initiative or philosophy, but where do you begin? How do you move from inspiration to manifestation? How do you launch a big dream?

I offer the *Searcherdemic Mobility Paradigm™

 1. Invest in your own community. Your community has to know and believe that you really do care for them. Think globally and work locally. Begin by investing on your home front. This is also where you discover the validity of your God-idea. You don’t actualize success through presentations, seminars and workshops, alone. You must test your theory in the real world. Buy-in to your idea should be built on tested and proven evidence. 

2. Engage key community leaders. Get to know who the leaders in the community are, and know as many of them personally as possible. We attended monthly community meetings, as well as government-sponsored luncheons and non-profit fundraisers, and made great connections. 

3. Listen to your community’s concerns. This is a statement that we posted on our business website: "Build a successful business, not only by selling a dynamic product and providing great customer service, but by connecting with your local community to help solve problems."  Listen to learn what is most important to them. For instance, if youth suicide is your community's biggest concern, but you don't feel called to work with youth, then find a way to connect what you do with the solutions. You may not work directly with youth, but you might work with those who do.

4. Lift what's already working – Instead of making your initial focus all about the solutions you have to offer, find out about the positives in your community and celebrate those successes even as you address the problems. Become a voice of encouragement for those who are already doing good work. 

5. Learn your community. Do you know your community’s demographics? Do you know its historical significance? Do you know its recent history? Do you know the underserved populations within your community. Study what has already been attempted to bring about change. Learn about what was successful and why. Learn about what failed and why. 

6. Build a community network. There will always be someone you may not know, but people in your network might know them. Don’t limit your network to only those whom society considers influential. 

7. Serve somewhere in your community. Build Goodwill through volunteerism. For example, we volunteer in the local high school’s annual poetry writing contest. At that time, we’re not representing our company. We’re just citizens, helping out. We don’t talk about our business or solicit for clients. Through this, we have built goodwill within the education community. 

We also volunteered our services in an employment agency for 9 months and in a women's shelter for about 10 months. If your community has to pay for your time and (untested) services, you run the risk of being viewed as just another predator. By the time they learn about your business, ideas, solutions or outreach, they should already feel and know that you care about them.

Remember that as ambassadors of searcherdemics, we bring God ideas to the table.  However, we must embrace the Godly wisdom and steps that will get us to that table.

You are Success in Process,

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Chris Green

*Intellectual Property of Professor Christopher G. Green
Modified, and adapted from a 2017 article by Rod Edmonson

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Greatness University host Searcherdemics Summit 2021

Founder of Greatness University, Dr Patrick Businge, EdD, PhD, DFSHC, hosted the 2021 Summit on the new Seracherdemic Education paradigm. The online global conference featured special guest HRH Sir Clyde Rivers and the founder of Searcerdemics, Dr. Michal P. Pitzl.

Professors of Searcherdemics from the United Graduate College and Seminary International shared their experiences and expertise on this novel paradigm.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Global Induction of Searcherdemics

Civility 360 host, Professor Vernet A. Joseph, and special guest HRH Sir Clyde Rivers presented the Global Induction of Searcherdemics with the founder of Searcherdemics, Dr. Michal P. Pitzl. 

Professors of Searcherdemics from the United Graduate College and Seminary International shared their experiences and expertise on this novel paradigm.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Educators of Greatness Summit 2021

Dr Patrick Businge, EdD, PhD, DFSHC, founder and Chancellor of Greatness University, hosted the Educators of Greatness who are birthing greatness today. These are the knowledge creators who have immensely contributed to the world their Searcherdemic work, and whose lived experiences have created positive ripples in the world.


Sunday, April 4, 2021

UGCSI Vice Chancellors Launch STEP Forward Life Institute



Pennsylvania, USA --- UGCSI Vice Chancellors, Professors Chris and Carol Green officially launched their online education platform known as the STEP Forward Life Institute. STEP Forward is built on the understanding that everyone has a purpose, but each one must be intentional about personal and professional development, understanding their process of success, and be prepared for those once in a lifetime moments that are coming. This Institute provides relevant education for the steps in that path of success.


"A prospectus outlines something that doesn't exist, and describes what it will become," Professor Chris Green shared in giving their big news. "Therefore, the Success Through Experience and Process (STEP) Forward Life Prospectus is not a business proposal, white paper, or mission statement, but it is a life development philosophy, process and education model that equips and empowers you to release God's solutions (that which does not exist) into your family and community."


STEP Forward is an online learning, faith-based, non-governmental, Biblical educational platform that offers accredited ministry certifications that can strategically prepare and position students to fulfill  their Kingdom Ambassador roles in relationships, households, careers, business, as well as community and global outreach.


"We have excellent biblically-based courses that enable our students to set themselves apart as effective and creative contributors to the revival of their local communities through Searcherdemics™  (Life education that is practical and relevant)," explains Professor Carol, "Students can earn certifications through personal study, accessing videos on demand, interacting with the instructors, and completing assignments and/or exams. We encourage organizations and businesses to consider the STEP Forward Life Prospectus Institute for training their staffs in leadership development.”


STEP Forward received an official video endorsement by World Civility leaders, H.E. Sir Dr. Clyde Rivers, who is also the founder and president of I Change Nations.


The STEP Forward Biblical education model was video endorsed by the 2020 I Change Nations Educator of the Year, Professor Michal P. Pitzl, who is also the Chancellor of United Graduate College and Seminary International.


The STEP Forward Life Prospectus Institute offers two paths of learning and fulfilling the Biblical text which states: "Study and do your best to present yourself to God approved and tested ....accurately handling and skillfully teaching the word of truth." ---2 Timothy 2:15 


1.) Students can begin investing in their God-assigned calling by building searcherdemic and spiritual capacity through the Professional Development tract. This is where they can obtain accredited ministry certifications that will give a solid foundation for taking one's place of leadership in their local community.


2.) At the same time, students can begin a tract of Personal Development. The quality of the content is very high because the experience and wisdom of the faculty of instructors is tested and proven.


"The STEP Forward Life Prospectus Institute has been in the works for 16 years," Chris and Carol Green concluded. "We believe we were being prepared all along to provide this tangible way to strengthen, equip and empower Believers to do effective works of service in their communities, cities, states, and nations."

Editors Note:

Learn more about STEP Forward at www.StepForwardLife.Institute

Thursday, March 11, 2021

UGCSI Searcher Professor Launches Human Equity Value Institute and Seminary


Trinidad and Tobago --- UGCSI Searcher Professor, Dr. Glendon S. Rudder officially launched the Human Equity Value Institute and Seminary (H.E.V.I.S.). 

"Human Equity Value is the recognition, consideration, protection and procurement of human value and their equity entitlement,” Professor Rudder told a global live stream audience. “We live in a world where there is a desperate need for human equity value. The world has not heard about this. It’s a new philosophy and a new concept. It’s a new narrative that the world’s governments, nations, communities, families, judicial systems, and where ever matters of diplomacy or human relations are taking place, it is necessary. It’s a philosophy that will change the game and challenge the status quo of human relations globally.” 

H.E.V.I.S. was registered in 2017 as a not for profit organization with the intent of bringing the awareness and content of its concept to humanity at large through training, advocacy and professional counselling. The official launch follows advocacy opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago, where Professor Rudder has already experienced success. 

"HEVIS was just an idea in 2017,” Professor Rudder revealed during the online launching ceremony, “We began to develop its curriculum, and we began to develop it even more through United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI) with Chief Chancellor, Dr. Clyde Rivers and Chancellor, Professor Michal Pitzl.” 

H.E.V.I.S.  was officially endorsed by World Civility leader, H.E. Sir Dr. Clyde Rivers, who is also the founder and president of I Change Nations. 

“When Professor Rudders told me in Grand Rapids, Michigan about his plan to establish a Human Equity Value institute,” Dr. Rivers told the online participants, “I asked him if I Change Nations could partner with him. Now our United Graduate College and Seminary International (headquartered in Kampala, Uganda) has taken him under our accreditation, so he can legally work as an international seminary with our worldwide accreditation. It’s amazing that we can bring H.E.V.I.S. under UGCSI, but also give him the freedom to do what he has to do. I believe Professor Rudder is on the cutting edge of God’s education.” 

Learn more about H.E.V.I.S at 

Editor's Note:

H.E.V.I.S. is a community of like minded individuals seeking to further add value to each other and humanity. They seek to help restore the importance of human value and the equity that they are entitled to by bringing awareness of its concept and principle through advocacy, training, professional counseling services and workshops. They have developed a curriculum used for training in Human Relations, Human Equity and Ethics, Sustainable Civility etc. 

Human Equity Value (HEV) is a searcher education model and discipline, and a universal policy.