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When You're Destined to CARE

Searcher Professors of Process and Success 
Drs. Chris and Carol Green (Hon. Causa)

Searcher Educators are indeed, experts by experience. That experience is the foundation that H.E. Sir Clyde Rivers and Professor, Dr. Michal Pitzl describe as Authorship (Searcher) Education: A Lifelong Learning System. 

According to these global leaders of a new and innovative education model, "Authorship Education came from a collective need, from all walks of life, from several continents of the world; from everyday people looking for solutions to everyday life issues. Authorship Education drives to real life and is a lifelong learning system that changes societies." 

It believes that each person has a God-given gift and skill and therefore can 'author' or release solutions for society. Therefore, we see the Authorship (Searcher) Educator’s journey as more of a discovery and implementation of a divine purpose and plan for each life on the entire planet.

Rivers and Pitzl describe God as the Author and Finisher of our faith (actions); the Author and Finisher of our skills (gifts). You do not have to believe in God to experience the realness of this idea. They assert that each day, people can experience the practicality of the principles God set forth at the beginning of time.

In view of Authorship (Searcher) Education, we can see that our Searcher Education journey has been somewhat like the Biblically documented journey of Abram when God called him away from his family and sent him out with a promise. Abram (a true Searcher) sojourned through that land with God incrementally revealing His true purpose and plan for that Searcher's life.

In a similar manner, our searcher education revelations have come by simply following through on what God (the Author and Finisher) revealed about Chris and Carol in tiny steps along the way. Unlike much of what is done in the world today, most individuals and organizations have a forecast, projections and predetermined goals in mind, and then they will brand themselves based upon those goals to create an image of themselves that they believe will attract potential clients, customers, investors, donors, partners, etc.

However, the Searcher may not fully understand who they are and what they were created to contribute to the world because they might view and judge themselves based on what already exist. Therefore, they might forecast, project and brand themselves in a way that causes them to miss the mark.

Part of our discovery of who we really are and what we were created to do, involved taking a look back over various parts of our journey and then finding a way to grasp and articulate the lessons that were learned, along with the principles that were most consistently working in our personal and professional endeavors.

Like many Searchers, we did not necessarily have a pre-determined goal because we weren't sure what were supposed to do. We had a myriad of gifts and talents. We could have gone in many different directions. There was no template to follow. The traditional education models could neither validate or dismiss our results. This often caused us to believe we were off target, and maybe even unrealistic and naive to expect anyone to accept or implement our strategies and ideas.

We can assure that, Searchers will eventually come to a place where they are able to articulate what they are accomplishing after they look back over seasons of their lives; and begin to recognize certain patterns of consistent success. We were not necessarily able to describe and explain what we were doing correctly and why it was working, while we were in the midst of the journey. It was usually after the fact, when we looked back, that we realized what the Author and Finisher was actually revealing through us, to the world around us.

Each and every time we tried to set a predetermined goal, we found ourselves actually interfering with what the Author and Finisher was truly trying to accomplish through us, so we had to let go of our traditional and the normal world-view expectations, and our predetermined vision, and simply follow the Author and Finisher's direction.

In Searcher Education, you are often unaware of the true value of what you have until after it has been tried and tested. You can find yourself in the midst of complex situations, even embarrassing circumstances that seem to have nothing to do with being able to help anybody in the world. But it’s the things that you will learn about yourself, in the crucible of both negative and positive experiences, that will determine if you will come out as pure gold that’s been tried by fire.

Up until these trial by fire periods, our ideas and strategies are merely theories, definition of terms, clever verbal engineering, and linguistic gymnastics that can impress people, but not provide practical answers that will change lives. Your theoretical presentations may open a few doors for you to offer your products or programs, but not necessarily provide the breakthrough that people need in their everyday lives. We found ourselves on a journey that tested our products and programs before we knew we had them inside of us, and before we could offer them to the world.

Our journey in Authorship (Searcher) Education started in the 1990’s, when as a young couple, we found ourselves the leaders over teenagers in inner city St. Louis, Missouri, USA. It was during those years of walking through life with youth, who were facing some very traumatic issues, that we began to discover what it meant to truly give oneself away. That's where our trials by fire began to shape and make what is being revealed in us today.

Years later, when we came into Authorship Education, we realized that we always did these three things in order to achieve positive results. With every success story we were always 
1.) listening to people,
2.) lifting people, and then 
3.) launching people into a new realm of possibilities.

So, what is CARE-Readiness?

Although we did not understand it at that time, our Searcher Education had given us the insight to create a coaching and training model that provided a more responsive approach to the world of mentoring and coaching people. The CARE-Ready Coach is one who is equipped with the right tools to ask the right questions, in guiding someone to life's answers. They are trained to recognize and respond when someone is searching for direction, and they are capable of helping someone establish a life plan.

CARE-Readiness is Inspirational, Intuitive and Instructional. However, it is much more about being an intentional listener who earns the trust and privilege to make an impartation in someone's life.

CARE-Readiness Coaching is NOT COUNSELING OR THERAPY. We never use these terms to describe the work or practices of CARE-Ready Coaching. Unlike counseling and therapy, which involve looking back and working through one's past, CARE-Readiness is about looking ahead and navigating through the present, to reach a future with purpose.

Many coaching, mentoring and community outreach programs employ what is known as a "deficit model" of working with people. That's where you focus on the problems (deficits) of a person, and then apply a set of pre-determined, cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all steps and treatments to address their issues. The deficit-based model is what many well-meaning Helpers use, but it rarely works long-term, leaving Helpers wondering why their clients fail to break the cycles of addiction and recidivism.

However, CARE-Readiness mirrors the principles found in the proven, Best Practice strategies of Strength-based, Solution-focused models. Our Life CARE Coaches are trained to connect with people in order to build a relationship/ partnership that empowers the participant; thus allowing people to discover the solutions that will work best for them.

After receiving our official certifications, our first opportunity to serve the community came when we accepted an invitation to host group life coaching sessions at a state employment program. Once-a-month, for nine months, we brought free Life Coaching to people who were desperately searching for jobs.

This is where the Searcher's gift, product, or ideas face the real world. After about three months, the program director sent an email that read: “Since your Life Coaching sessions have begun in our program, I am witnessing incredible results! I get numerous testimonials from clients stating how much you have radically impacted their lives. You have provided encouragement, given them a better perspective on their lives and careers, and even on how to deal with their families. Many are now hopeful, encouraged and able to reach their employment goals.” After nine months, Lynne reported that her numbers had jumped from 20% of her clients getting hired, to 40%.

During our nine months at the Unemployment Center, another door opened to us. We met Denise and at that time, we didn’t know she was the executive director of an emergency shelter for women and children. Little did we know that Denise was searching for a way to transition her organization from being a place that only provided a bed and a meal, to becoming a Center that would empower women and transform their lives. She wanted to break the cycles of poverty and homelessness.

The first few months, we volunteered and tried individual coaching with the residents, but they were in crisis-mode, and we didn't have the day to day time to develop relationships and build trust, which is absolutely essential for coaching. That kind of time would have to come from the staff. So, for two solid years, Denise brought us into the Shelter to train and group-coach the staff in our CARE-Ready coaching model within their case management paradigms.

Also during that time, we started individual coaching with the women in their transitional housing program. This program helps women who are chronically homeless. They have many factors that contribute to their situations, not the least of which have been addictions, mental illness and trauma. Since they were living out of the shelter and in transitional housing or apartments, we were able to dedicate time with these women through monthly 1-hour coaching sessions. Following these successful encounters, the next year, Denise made a commitment to have the entire staff to become life coach certified, and set this training as a policy for all new hires.

The next year, another door opened and we connected with Vladimir, the founder of an organization that provides mentorship, guidance and support for ex-offenders. Vladimir was seeking more training for his staff of mentors. When he saw the CARE-Ready model, it was an answer to prayer. He was so thrilled that he became CARE-Ready Life Coach Certified along with his staff.

From there we were invited to attend a monthly gathering of human service organizations and agencies from all over the region. We were enthusiastically welcomed. At the close of each gathering, each representative is given a few minutes to introduce their program and services.

These monthly meetings took place in the same building in which our ministry had been housed all those years before. We had never known about it. And it was best that we didn’t, because we would have introduced ourselves as ministers and pastors. Instead, at the right time, we were able to introduce ourselves as Community Life Coaches who had a new certification program available. This led to scores of people enrolling for training from that point forward.

We were showered with accolades and proof that Authorship (Searcher) Education and the wisdom of the Searcher Educator works in real time in the real world. We had two college professors, several students with master’s degrees in human service, professional counselors, educators, and community leaders who have made stunning positive comments about the CARE-Ready approach to working with people:

“When I first met Chris and Carol and learned of the work that they do, I knew they could have a significant positive impact on the lives of the residents we serve at the Women's Shelter. Without hesitation, they jumped in to begin engaging the residents and furthering the potential of turning an experience of homelessness and often hopelessness into hope and possibility. Further, they committed to helping us raise the bar of effectiveness for our staff, offering their coaching expertise (and encouragement) in regular staff training sessions. Our gratitude is unending.” ---Denise (United Way Volunteer of the Year Endorsement)

"You gave me new tools and refined the tools that I already had; and you gave me structure and organization. Life Coaching will help anyone, in any place, at any time; and you guys are amazing!" ---Vladimir

“The CARE-Ready life coach certification program exceeded my expectations." ---M.M. (retired Criminal Justice professional and university professor with over 40 years of professional experience)

"I've been in the human service field about 18 years and what this Life Coaching class has done for me is to allow me to pace myself, have patience for my clients. You gave me tools to utilize that will help me to stay in line." ---E.C. (Mentoring Coordinator/ Counselor)

“This gave me something that I did not learn in a classroom. I even have my master degree in counseling, but you still gave me something that I didn't learn in a University.” ---C.J. (Ex-Offender Recovery Counselor)

“There was a transformation. My thinking is clearer, and I'm thinking a different line: How to help people; to sincerely listen to people." ---Rev. B.T. (Local Pastor)

“I've been involved in many trainings; state-wide, locally and federally, and I want to say that this was truly from God. You provided me the hands-on training for my ministry and my recovery community. You equipped and empowered me to be more responsive. ---F.L. (Certified Recovery Specialist)

“The most impactful part was the definition of life coach, because it tells me that I don't have to have all the answers in order to help someone else." ---K.T. (Recovery Counselor)

"This training is good for staffers who don’t have formal education; however they work in the field with clients on a daily basis." ---A.Q. (Human Service Division of Children and Youth)

"I was blown away by this class! I've never felt this way by any program that I've gone through; and I've been through two master degree programs and a bachelor degree program." ---J.S. (Women's Shelter Board Member)

Our average score from our student’s course evaluation has been a strong rating of 97.5%.

Many professionals were citing the principles of CARE-readiness as the missing elements in their practices. We were bringing more intentionality and adding more in their toolkits regarding compassion and care in their professions. We could not have possibly known that we’d be living in an era where CARE would be a precious commodity for the entire world.

In our Searcher Education, we could not predict and forecast the direction our gifts would take us. That's why our training and preparation through United Graduate College and Seminary International was so profound for us. It empowered us to actually step out and be who we were meant to be. 

Traditional Education said we were to become local church pastors. (And there's nothing wrong with that), but Authorship (Searcher) Education said we were Master Life Coaches, Leadership Consultants, Community Ambassadors, International Statesmen, and now Professors of Searcher Education. We could not have predicted or projected how far our gifts would take us. We just followed the script of the Author and Finisher.

Author Education revealed the purpose behind our journey as prospective Searcher Educators, which connected us with who were looking for jobs through the government program, the residents and staff at the Women’s Shelter, the ex-offenders and their mentors, the clients of the people in those monthly meetings with human service organizations, and now the millions all over the world who need someone to listen to them, lift them and launch them into a new realm of possibilities.

A Faith Evidence-Based Article

Drs. Chris and Carol Green (Hon.Causa)
Professors of Searcher Education at UGCSI
Master Life Coaches of C and C Connections, LLC
Founders of Fruitful Life Network, Inc

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Authorship Education: Architecting the Future of Lifelong Learning

Sir Clyde Rivers and Prof. Michal P. Pitzl are the Chief Chancellor and Chancellor of United Graduate College and Seminary International, and they have introduced a skill based philosophy of education in their book Authorship Education. 

Authorship Education is a skill based philosophy, which grew from seeing a collective need around the world. In their international workings, Sir Clyde Rivers and Prof. Michal P. Pitzl have experienced firsthand a need for change in societies of the world. 

Education is one of the most powerful influences on the earth. Education “architects the future.” Authorship Education says that every life is valuable and every human being is created with a skill and a philosophy. It reaches outside traditional norms and runs on the understanding that each person’s skill and philosophy has the potential to solve a problem in this world.

Prof. Rivers and Prof. Pitzl have discovered influential people who have made their world a better place by nontraditional means. They have spotlighted such people in Authorship Education as worthy of receiving Honorary Doctorate degrees for their skills and being “Searchers” of a new philosophy. These qualities make Authorship Education a system that will carry on from generation to generation, architecting a better future.