Saturday, April 2, 2022

Historical First: UGCSI Confers First-Ever Searcherdemic Doctorates


In a historical first, Professor Shakuntala Rose Reddy, Professor Carol Green and Professor Christopher Green were each conferred a Life Achievement      Doctorate of Searcherdemics in an online ceremony that was held during the United Graduate College and Seminary International's annual Searcher Education Summit, hosted by its Chancellor Michal P. Pitzl and Chief Chancellor, HRH, H.E. Dr. Clyde Rivers.

The very first Doctorate of Searcherdemics recipient was Professor Shakuntala Rose Reddy, from Richards Bay, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, who initiated a Philosophy of KINDNESS in the education curriculum of the primary school in her community. Her evidence and results proved that she was more than worthy of a doctorate.

The next recipients were Professors Christopher and Carol Green, from Pennsylvania, USA, who earned their doctorates by successfully implementing, teaching, duplicating and defending two Life Skills Philosophies: 'You Are Success in Process' which they utilize in their Professional Development training, and in 'CARE-Readiness', which has been embraced in several industries (education, human and social services, and counseling), outreach organizations, businesses and ministries across the United States.

"Congratulations to our three excellent UGCSI leaders who have been building and spreading their Searcherdemic Philosophies for nearly a decade," stated Chancellor Pitzl, "It was determined that they should be the first recipients in the world to ever be bestowed this newly established doctorate from our institution."

Chancellor Pitzl is the founder and creator of the Searcherdemic Education model which has the potential to acknowledge and credential millions of people around the world, whose ideas and visions would have been lost, simply because they don't have the means or opportunities to navigate through the traditional educational matriculation process.

Searcherdemics has become a new avenue for the innovative thinkers who, most likely, would never be granted an academic degree, even though they completely change the world by impacting industries, disciplines, and the communities in which they serve. 

Searcherdemics says they should receive actual earned credentials because of their dedication, hard work, perseverance, and proven, evidence-based success.


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