Tuesday, May 18, 2021

UGCSI Vice Chancellor Facilitates Fatherhood Academy Support Group

Pennsylvania, USA---- United Graduate College and Seminary (UGCSI) Vice-Chancellor and Searcher Professor Chris Green was able to take his evidence-based Process of Success Philosophy into another real-world challenge with God-given solutions, as he facilitated today's session for the Fatherhood Academy Support Group in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. These weekly fatherhood meetings are sponsored by Life Esteem, Inc, for men 18 years and older. This support group is especially helpful for men who are reuniting with their families involved in separation or divorce from their family, or simply to improve their parenting skills. 

"We launched tonight's session by presenting The Process of Success: 8 Key Elements to Fulfilling Purpose," Professor Green explained, "The conversation was so engaging that we only made it through 3 of the 8 elements. That's because the Success Philosophy leads to self inspection. It goes against today's societal trends that are meant for tearing masculinity down. This approach rebuilds, restores and renews men, who simply need the tools to understand what success really is, and know how to obtain it."

Dr. Nathaniel Gadsden, who leads the weekly outreach, invited Professor Green to return and continue the Process of Success workshop next week and on a regular basis. 

"These discussions about process are going to continue to be real and raw," Professor Green concluded. "And it is revitalizing for men: husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. I look forward to this opportunity to serve Dr. Gadsden and work with the men in this community."

Editor's Notes:

Vice-Chancellor Chris (and Carol) Green are authors, educators, entrepreneurs, certified master CARE-Ready life coaches, leadership consultants, songwriters, poets, compassionate listeners, ordained ministers, traditional marriage and  family advisers, conflict resolution mediators, holistic wellness promoters, and human value advocates.


With over 30 years of urban community outreach experience, today they focus most of their energy and efforts connecting with local and international leaders who desire to make a meaningful impact when working in under-served and diverse communities. 

For their community service, they were inducted in the 2021 World Book of Greatness. They also received the Harambee 2019 Community Leadership Award  and a United Way 2017 Volunteer of the Year Nomination. They received Urban Leadership Awards (2016) and Community Ambassador Awards (2015) from iChange Nations™, and Goodwill Ambassadors of World Peace Awards (2015) as part of the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative to the United Nations through Golden Rule International.​​


Chris and Carol Green are the Head Professors of the STEP (Success Through Experience and Process) Forward Life Prospectus Institute. They're also Vice Chancellor of Administrative Leadership and known as Professors of Process at United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI), where they provide professional development for its global consortium of Searcher Professors.

They were trained and mentored in International Statesmanship by H.E. Sir Clyde Rivers, the founder of iChange Nations, the World Civility Spokesperson, and the recipient of a 2019 Nelson Mandela International Peace Award from the Council of the Justices of the Peace of Sri Lanka. They are a husband-wife team, based in the south central Pennsylvania region, who are commissioned to rebuild, restore and renew hearts and homes.


Vice-Chancellors Chris and Carol have been married over 40 years and have raised three sons. They have two daughters-in-law, two grand children, and a host of people throughout the world who call them 'mom and dad'. They make it a priority to give back to the community through their Network of Community Services.