Tuesday, January 26, 2021

UGCSI Vice Chancellors Promote Process of Success in Africa, Globally


Mozambique, Africa ---United Graduate College and Seminary International Vice Chancellors, Drs. Chris and Carol Green and Dr. Mateus Mutola, joined together today on The Africa Civility Show. Dr. Mutola invited the Greens to be his first guest to launch an epic episode to set the tone for the New Year. 

The Africa Civility Show (TACS) is a Live stream platform based in Mozambique, Africa, for the gathering of hundreds of thoughtful and iconic Leaders, Influencers, Humanitarians and Doers from around the world, who share a common interest in practical solutions for the sustainable development of Africa.

The Africa Civility Show expects to reshape the way the world thinks about and looks at Africa and help rebuild her confidence in herself, so she becomes the Oasis of the world.

"It was an honor be invited back to TACS," Vice Chancellors Chris and Carol Green commented, "Dr. Mutola is a brilliant educator and cutting-edge philosopher. We loved the way he facilitated the conversation and helped connect the discussion to the the heart of his audience. We could see that he has his finger on the pulse of his community, country and continent."

The topic centered around the Green's soon-coming book that will speak to the Process that every human being must go through in order to bring forth the Success that they are already created to be. That process involves understanding 8 keys that will help an individual or an organization navigate through life and its challenges. 

The Green's insisted that Success begins with God. Drawing from the Biblical reference of Psalm 139, the Vice Chancellors explained that Success is encoded in our DNA. The very fact that God has given us life means we are the manifestation of God's Success released on Earth. Therefore, we are not striving to be successful, but we are yielding to a process that will reveal the Success that God has created us to be.

Dr, Mutola honed in on the painful part of the process by posing questions on how the audience can get past the dead ends, road blocks, despair, dark clouds and disappointments in life. The Greens responded with a powerful message on how to push past your pain and go through the process of manifesting the Success that is already within you.

"The answers were so powerful and so profound," expressed Dr. Mutola, "After one hour of dialogue, we only covered two of the eight keys. However, I felt the listeners needed time to digest, dissect and really grasp the nuggets of wisdom that were being presented."

The new book by Drs. Chris and Carol Green will be titled: Rest, Retreats, Revival and other Comedies: You are Success in Process. These authors of several books and Searcher Education leaders said they realize the title is very different, but are confident that it will make sense as readers walk through the keys. 

In the meantime, Dr Mutola said,"We must have them back on the show to continue releasing the other six keys in the Process of Success."

Editor's Note: Watch the Livestream HERE

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