Tuesday, March 9, 2021

UGCSI Professors Promote Greatness Now


United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI) Vice Chancellor Dr. Mateus Mutola, hosted Prof. Patrick Businge, the Founder of Greatness University, today on The Africa Civility Show.  Dr. Businge is also a Searcher Professor at UGCSI.

The Africa Civility Show (TACS) is a Live stream platform based in Mozambique, Africa, for the gathering of hundreds of thoughtful and iconic Leaders, Influencers, Humanitarians and Doers from around the world, who share a common interest in practical solutions for the sustainable development of Africa.

The Africa Civility Show expects to reshape the way the world thinks about and looks at Africa and help rebuild her confidence in herself, so she becomes the Oasis of the world.

Greatness University is the World's First Institution dedicated to discovering, developing, delivering, and celebrating greatness in individuals, organisations and nations.

Dr. Businge stated, "We need to recognize within our communities, nations, continents and globally, Greatness, and sustain that Greatness."

From the backdrop of a world dealing with the fallout of the covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Businge presented the challenge to how we can repair, reset and rewrite, as making right, our greatness at this critical moment in history. He believes that we can make this one of the greatest generations ever.

In a profound course of dialogue with Professor Mutola, Dr. Businge, spoke directly from his ground-breaking book, Greatness Code on how to discover, develop, and deliver your greatness. After presenting the greatness dilemma, he explained the  four dimensions of greatness: inward, outward, upward and downward greatness.

Born in Uganda, Dr Patrick Businge did not let his circumstances, characterised by war and poverty, become his standard. He took steps to raise above his circumstances and made greatness his benchmark.

Dr Patrick Businge's goal is to help people all over the world tap into their greatness.

Editor's Note: Watch the Livestream HERE

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